O Tempora

O Tempora the tempora

Customs and versatility

Vast are the weeds that grew around

The Capuchin and swallows sailing in the air

Among the caves

Human feelings cache.

Discover expects numbness.

Hunger. Sex. And will defecate dislikes.

The woman is not so fragile.

Not expose his body so much in favor of her femininity .

A body is and will be all the skeletons deteriorated.

I suspect the research against women.

Is that were made by men?

Rio de Janeiro, March 2014 , Diana Balis 30. ( nonsense text commenting,  reported in the media , where women meet research against himself. Best is to do another search . )

The shame is that the public transport available to Brazilian citizens , in Rio de Janeiro , I see comments from strangers in the Cup? Lack decent public transport Rio de Janeiro citizen.

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