Paraíso do Tuiuti 2018 | Clipe oficial

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro 2018

Culture and Art, the people of Rio de Janeiro, in 2018, showed the world that samba in the foot, also makes democracy, the people, really want to perform, outside the carnival, a lot of justice and beyond Art, we are pao and circus, wear fantasy of politics,

Temer go ! Outside Crivella! (who traveled in our carioca carnival)! Outside Crivella! (who traveled in our carioca carnival)

Congratulations, samba schools in Rio de Janeiro!

It won the Brazilian people in creativity, with less funds, razed the plots, and political issues.

Congratulations TUIUTI, Salgueiro, who surprised and pleased the Brazilian people.

Follow the TUIUTI samba!

Hummingbird of Nilópolis, Congratulations! 1st Place.

I believe in art as manisfestation and politics, let us invade Brasilia with poetry!

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