Accounts to add

Contas de somar

Accounts to add

Makes possible his life,

Tell your bills

Made of sea shells.

Run after the injury,

And in social,

Memorize all stories ever told.

Encourage family, meetings and dialogues.

The media may take place in social gatherings,

Plazas, open spaces, parks,

Life generates good discussions and no one escapes a good philosophy.

Major issues for society, should be discussed.

Conversed analyzed and we act as agents of change.

Never to conform and act calmly,

Everything can be solved with a multitude of ideas and ideals of good citizens

Come on!

The struggle never ceased to exist, continue!

Good morning everyone!

Peace and quiet!

Good choices in positive attitudes.

Gisele Lemos S, Rio de Janeiro, May 2, 2013.

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