A stream between jabuticabeira, abeirado the creek,
Transgresses the landscape.
Ascending unpunished, as the hoot owl in full dawn.
Vistorio, a bird's nest linesman, weak corner rushing to introduce ourselves.
On the hill, where I drop a palm tree juçara for consumption, see their puppies grow up, and sustainably see our planting, and yet, sad to see it fall. Madeeeeeiiira!
- And it only as the stem!.
A cattle near and far down the mountain on the other side of the forest, I see a clearing.
Milkman, phew! Not for slaughter.
- It's good.
The silence of the winds howling among the bamboo groves, scare me in the walk back, sweaty.
Do one day, who knows, a flute!
Falling in the bath in Rio flowers is cold invigorates my life in the bush.
This day is born gentle and quiet.
Another hiding place for snakes and lizards ...
Nothing like a day after another.
Time to remember, I'll never have a life of others.

Rio de Janeiro, July 20, 2013. Diana Balis.Comente

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