Bons tempos retornem (carta aberta a filha)

Bons tempos retornem (carta aberta a filha)

Good times return (open letter to daughter) | 12:19:22 30Out2012

The look of fallen leaves without delay in waiting for a visa that neither won ...

Not earthquake, however the storm toppled a freedom.

The trip prevents the joining of daughter and mother.

The desire is realized, is always happy to see her!

Will the birds of Rio de Janeiro or New Fribourg, sing like the dawn of Boston?

The fallen leaves, a gale without peer, a stormy sea ... Trees swaying in the dance of storms.

I redo all our ways of holding hands,

I remember the gloom on the path of train Tiradentes, Minas Gerais,

Stream between source in Macae de Cima

Crossings on foot in the Tijuca Forest,

The ferry and the ferry Trancoso Caraívas

Indians sing for the rain does time ...

And what is to keep sweet the look jaboticaba

The sentences articulate a future purpose

Grown children and their clusters

The charisma and willpower,

Invigorate independent of all its achievements, Darcy Ribeiro and Maíra was a man and Indian

Maira and Balis Diana is woman and warrior

Life as invigorates current expectations, strengthens its arrival, or warms his antics with good memories,

I'll be here today, tomorrow or not always

In time to say I love you, and send news.

Kisses, darling


Diana Balis, Rio de Janeiro, October 30, 2012.

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