Assaulting the joy

Assaltando a alegria Assaulting the joy
-This is a robbery?
Yes, Pass all soon!
-But I have nothing?
-So why so much joy?
-Work with children, dance and sing all day!
-So! I want it, go right and fast!
But how? I'm passing, I was glad and smiled because I hugged, kissed, they are loving, sincere and pure.
I know there! Turn around! I want!
-Serve a hug? A kiss? A nursery rhyme?
I know there! This will reduce my hunger? Will you make me so happy?
I can try! (hugged), I know of a beautiful story, I can tell? (Iniciei. ..
-There was once a poor man who had nothing, but everything looked, and paying attention to others, found himself in such a happiness that not even believe existed ...)
But I do not have time to bullshit! (not free!)
-So how can you be happy?
_Tenho Rush now, this time passes, but next!!
(And it was happily imagining that such happiness existed!)
I know because there?
Diana Balis
Published in the Corner Lyrics on 06/07/2007
Text Code: T554210
Picture taken by me in Leblon. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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